Zebra Icebox Cake

Ok another non- recipe for you busy ladies (and boys). I saw this many years ago and have finally got around to making it :)  Recipe right on some packages.
You remember icebox cakes right? Well this is the same thing on a smaller level. Pretty easy. You just need 3 ingredients
Nabisco's ChocolateWafers
Whip Cream
Cocoa Powder
Use a long serving dish
Thaw out Cool Whip if frozen, open wafer package and start layering. Spread Whip Cream onto wafer cookie then sandwich with another, repeat. Just keep spreading until you have a stack on cookies.
Lay them on side onto your serving dish and freeze until set up. About 1 hour or so. Take out of freezer then finish by covering  all sides with Whip Cream. Using a fork, I ran it across top and sides to "try" to create a tree like texture. Return and freeze overnight. That's it.
When you are ready to serve, dust with cocoa powder and slice diagonally to get the stripped pattern showing. I added a little fresh mint for color.

Found A Recipe a Day has a step by step if you need it :)


Erin said…
My Mom makes this and it is WONDERFUL!