Still in the kitchen :)

Another update! I'm still here hustling through life :) Just some of my dishes, let me know if you like them.

 Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream

 Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Mini Apple Rose Tarts

 Halloween Party Yummies

 Chocolate Cherry Twists

 Berry Custard Tart

 Apple Pecan Pumpkin Pie

 Chrissy Teigen's Biscuits

 Peppermint Mocha Cake and Gingerbread White Chocolate Cake

 Strawberry and Lemon Curd Breakfast Danish

 Homemade Pork, Bean and Beef Tamales

 Olive Garden Copycat Lemon Cake

 Sausage Gouda Strata

 Decorated Sugar Love Cookies

 Brick Chicken